About Mark

Mark Dulson Osteopath

I always knew I wanted to work in the medical profession but still unsure in what aspect I started a Health Science degree at the University of Westminster. It was during this time fate took its course, and started working as an Osteopath's assistant. Watching the amazing recoveries people made from their injuries with Osteopathic treatment, and receiving treatments myself made me 100% convinced I had found my calling.

Since completing the 5 year training degree at the College of Osteopaths / University of Middlesex I have run successful private practices in London, Glasgow, before settling in the great city of Manchester, my home! During this time, I have also gained experience working in a GP's surgeries, an Orthopaedic ward, a Health centre, the flagship branch of a Health club, for the Scottish ballet, a Pilates / Gyrotonic centre, and a physiotherapy department.

I also carry out assignments for Osteopathic solutions, this involves Medico legal work, Risk Assessment & and report writing, and Manual handling instructor training. My experience ranges from helicopter search & rescue centres, to food production factories. This work is always bespoke on site, and has given me the skills to provide the correct advice, and training for any complaints caused, or aggravated by Occupational tasks in all industries.