Manchester Craniosacral therapy

The Craniosacral Therapy approach was developed by Dr William G Sutherland an Osteopath around the turn of the 20th century. It is a much gentler approach to treatment than typical Osteopathic treatment; no joint manipulations are carried out. You will remain in the supine position throughout the treatment, the more you can relax the better, in fact it is so relaxing it is common for people even fall asleep during the treatment. This technique improves joint alignment, and posture through relaxation of the muscles via releasing tension in the nervous system, improved circulation is also encouraged into tight and tense areas of the body. 


The approach is very holistic in nature increasing parasympathetic nervous system activity, this is the part of the nervous system that increases the body's ability to replenish and heal itself, while helping to calm the mind. It also reduces the negative effects on our health the flight and flight response can impose as a result of our modern stressful lives. It is this combination of being able to relax both mind, with the healing effects on the body that make Craniosacral a very effective treatment for headaches and migraines.


Two common causes of headaches are stress & anxiety, and problems with the joints or muscles in the neck referring pain into the head. Common feedback from clients is that the relaxation they have felt after the sessions has helped them see the wood for the trees, making it less likely for things to get on top of them, this along with improved energy levels have helped them manage their stress much better. The relaxing effects on the mind coupled with the healing effects Craniosacral has on the structure of the body make this approach a a perfect antidote for tension headaches and migraines.