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Osteopathy help muscles and joints

Osteopathy is an approach to health care which examines  and treats the musculoskeletal system, the framework of the body. The primary focus is on improving postural alignment and how the body moves, with a view to relieving pain and stiffness.

The main tenant of Osteopathy states the body is a self healing, self  maintaining, self regulating mechanism. This    ensures  emphasis for osteopathic treatment is to always promote a safe, natural healing response improving general  health and vitality.

Osteopaths are trained to carry out a comprehensive holistic consultation enabling them to both diagnose the cause of the pain and also identify any other structural issues or lifestyle factors that may be contributing to the problem.

Osteopathy is a state registered profession regulated and overseen by the General Osteopathic Council. All registered Osteopaths have completed a rigorous five year degree program studying both the medical sciences and the art of natural healing, while completing over 1200 clinic hours. To ensure high standards are maintained extensive continued practitioner development needs to be completed each year to re register.