I want to thank you so much for helping through one of the worst periods of my life. It is still not easy to forget the frightening and painful experience of torn tendons in both shoulders - one after the other. You know that I saw a top consultant at the time, whose only remedy was to cut into both joint capsules and stable them back onto the bone. I would have been unable to work for months and he could still not offer any certainty of getting my arm movement back fully.

As you said at the time "what did I have to lose" in trying your approach first.

I have received treatments from Osteopaths in the past but nothing like your treatment you offered me, the results you achieved were soon apparent and extraordinary resulting in me not needing to have the surgery. I take great pleasure in recommending you to all my friends always confident you will offer sound advice and treatment.

Bridget University lecturer


I have been seeing Mark for treatment for a number of years. I have a degree in therapeutic bodywork myself and over ten years experience in practice, however I still find Mark's ability to both detect the underlying problem, and prescribe the appropriate treatment extremely impressive. My job is very demanding on my body, whether it is a wrist, elbow, shoulder or back complaint I visited Mark with he resolved the problem every time, even teaching me some new techniques along the way! I cannot speak highly enough of Mark's treatments. The fact I referred my wife to him while she was pregnant, pays him the ultimate complement, and demonstrates the faith I have in his abilities as a practitioner.

Nick Jordan Therapeutic bodyworker, Craniosacral Therapist.

I am a landscape gardener in need of regular attention to all the areas of my low back, hamstrings and thighs. Over the last 5 years I have seen Mark initially on a basis of stopping my pain, and most recently while training for a marathon on a prevention/improve performance level. Having had lots of treatments throughout my life Mark is certainly the most through, both during treatment and offering great advice with post treatment work such as correcting posture and stretching. An all round great communicator, I cannot speak highly enough of his service.

Matt Maran Landscape gardener

I want to thank you for the remarkable recovery I was able to make from the pain and misery of RSI in my forearms. As a self employed joiner, I cannot afford to be of work. The result of this would be a serious loss of revenue but potentially the loss of valuable customers who have had to go elsewhere, not knowing how long I would be indisposed. The initial treatment, coupled with exercises you gave me to do at home, meant my being able to carry on at work whilst still deriving the benefit from the treatment. The recovery may have been a little slower but being able to work was so important to me. I cannot thank you enough.

Andy Marston Joiner